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Arena Rental Info

Arena Rental Fee’s and Info


  • First any proposed dates and events must be submitted and approved by the current board for any events held at the SVRC arena. All coordination is to be done through the activities director.


  • If all persons participating in the proposed event are current general members there is no arena fee, but there may still be some cost involved to help offset the cost for water, equipment and insurance if required.


  • There is a $175 refundable contract fee for use of the Arena or our arena equipment like barrels, poles, cones, jumps, ect. (property damage fee).  This will be returned at the end of the event if you meet your contract obligations and all equipment used in still in good shape. This fee is payable prior to any event.


Insurance fees

                Without live stock ___________

                With live stock ___________


In the past the board had approved a set up day fee of $100.00 if needed


Requestor will pay $200 arena fee for each day/event. 


Fee for Light usage will be $70.00 per hour. 


Remarks:  All trash must be cleaned up after events and all arena or fencing put back to the way it was, or a $100 fee will be assessed.


Watering of the parking lot or other areas will only be done at an addition cost of $35.00 per truck load. The watering of the arena and concession area is included in event lease fee.


**If additional grandstand seating is necessary than provided, the requestor will be responsible for acquiring additional seating.


Please see the general contract for other items or info.


By signing this contract, the Sierra Vista Riding Club, Inc., its board of directors nor the City of Sierra Vista will not be held liable for any accident or injury during the period of lease.